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Fancy printing while standing up? Sitting down? We're sure you could even print upside down with your iPhone or iPad using one of these apps.

(Credit: Canon)

If you've ever wanted to get some of your iPhoneography immortalised onto paper, here's the easiest way to do it. We've gathered together applications from printer manufacturers that interface directly with their particular models, though there are plenty of third-party apps that will do the job as well. All these apps are available through the Australian iTunes Store and are compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

If you're a Canon, Lexmark, HP or Brother owner, and you have bought a new printer recently — happy days! Epson owners will have to sit tight for the time being, though you can use a third-party app which we've also listed here.

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ClaireM1 posted a comment   

print n share is a good third party print app as well, esp if you don't have airprint


nic is dumber than he feelzzzz posted a comment   

If the ipad printed from the OS level it wouldn't need all these cak handed work arounds from the printer manufacturers. Jobbo epic fail, AGAIN! dumbass ipad dorks must be stupider than we expected if they don't have enough self awareness to know when they have been screwed by jobbo.


totoaus posted a comment   

Don't worry Nic, I don't have an iPhone either.
Printing from WM6 shouldn't be that hard, I think my old iPaq will do it, while my Mum has an even older Jornada 820 that I found printing software that works.
For all it's alleged faults I am quite happy with what Windows Mobile does.


Nic posted a comment   

Wow, there really is an app for everything. As a Microsoft adviser I'd feel pretty stupid right now. Geez I feel stupid enough as a WM6 user!

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