Print labels for CDs and DVDs

Spruce up those boring white labels on the CD/DVD you burn for fun or profit, with easy to use CD labelling software.

In this CNET quick tutorial, you will learn how to make customs labels for CDs and DVDs.

We will be using Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker. You can download a trial version from Downloads.

We recommend the following hardware:

  • CD/DVD paper labels (e.g. Avery)
  • A 'stamper' to apply labels to discs

1. Choose the label type
Launch the Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker program, click on File, and choose New Project.
Click the type of label to create, and click OK. Then click the tab labelled Layouts and choose a layout.

2. Select a background image
Click the tab labelled Backgrounds and choose a background image, or click the Art Browse tab to choose a photo of your own to use.

3. Add a CD/DVD title
Click the words Disc Title to display the Title box. Type a title for your disc.
Use the font tools on the toolbar to adjust the font face, size, colour and to curve the text, if desired.

4. Add details about the disc's contents
To add more details about the contents of your CD or DVD, click the Show Tracks button in the lower right-hand corner. Then, a screen appears that will allow you to enter filenames on the disc.

5. Select the paper type
From the paper list dropdown, choose which label paper you have.
When done, click File and then Save As and save your label project file.

6. Print your labels
Label paper into your printer. Click File >> Print. Click the Disc tab, make sure the correct label paper is selected, and click Print. If your labels are printing incorrectly, return to this Print dialog box click on the Alignment button.

7. Tweak the printing alignment if necessary
The Alignment menu lets you make small adjustments in the label size or printing area.
Experiment with these settings and you'll be able to print perfectly aligned CD labels.

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baudi posted a comment   



DJ posted a comment   

No a slightly off center label will cause the DVD to wobble as it spinds and affect play abck


Ron posted a comment   

I have printed labels and put on DVDs - then I find the DVD will not play well. whereas ones without labels do play. Oh and the label ones were ok until I put labels on them.
Does the clue seep through?
Does the label on top cause the player to skip or something?

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