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Tiny price for Canon's photo multifunction

At only US$89, the Canon Pixma MP150 should attract budget shoppers who need a photo printer, a copier, and a scanner to fit a small desk at home.

Canon adds photobooth effects for Pixma printers

Canon adds photobooth effects for Pixma printers

Fish-eye lenses and toy cameras make us all nostalgic for sun-bleached summer days, but they don't always take the best-resolution photos.

Rushing to paint printers green

Printer companies are under attack as more people become concerned about global warming and toxic pollution.

Printer makers back cartridge test standard

There may soon be a way to determine how many printed pages you really get out of an inkjet printer cartridge.

Getting printers down to iPod size

Start-up Zink has come up with a way to print photographs or documents without ink or ink cartridges.

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