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LG's SolarCube oven, which uses a combination of steam, microwave and convection technologies, claims it can halve your roasting times. We put it to the test.

We can't let a claim like that go untested, now, can we?

LG has had its combination ovens on the market for a couple of years now. The one we tested is on the lower end of the range — LG claims that other models can roast a chicken in half an hour — but the one we tested, the Steam SolarCube MP-9289VSD (AU$999), allowed us to cook a chicken in 45 minutes.

Generally, a chicken of the size used in this test (15) takes around an hour and 20 minutes to roast, give or take. Following the auto-cook instructions in LG's manual, we were able halve that time, but the results weren't as good as we usually achieve from a conventional oven. We concluded that the oven can cook well, but requires a little experimentation to figure out the best way to cook things; next time, we'd leave out flipping the bird over, as advised in the instruction book, and give it a bit less time to avoid the dryness that we got in the chicken's legs and wings.

Yes, we really did use that much butter.

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thesorehead posted a comment   

Doesn't GE already have something like this?



Michelle Starr posted a reply   

Probably. These have been around for a while. This is the first time WE'VE had one, though!


StevieC posted a comment   

thats a lot of ready made coles chickens at $999. whos is actually that time poor to bother. 'saving time' is becoming a bit of a joke


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

Me, actually. If I could come home and have a roast dinner ready in half an hour after a day at work, that would be amazing.

Coles chooks are okay, but I like my own cooking better.

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