PS Vita's user interface pictured

Despite the fact that the PlayStation Vita will be launching several months from now, some people know little about the actual user interface.

In CNET's hands-on preview with the Vita, it's quite clear that the software represents a big departure from the traditional XMB interface used in its predecessors, the PSP and the PlayStation 3.

Some of the clearest screenshots of the Vita interface to date have emerged from Sony's PlayStation division in Japan. While the screenshots are in Japanese, there will be little difference in the aesthetic experience (except for icon pictures) when the next-generation handheld lands in the hands of gamers around the world.

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ADSLNerd posted a comment   

This also means that since the XMB has been dumped in favour of Android, I suspect the PS3 will also be changing to the same OS, in order to keep everything contiguous. I wouldn't make sense to have XMB on the PS3 and the new OS on the Vita as this breaks the ecosystem.

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