PS3 gets new YouTube app, controllable via smartphones

The new YouTube app is optimised for PlayStation 3 controls and gives access to YouTube community features.

The PS3's new YouTube app lets you use your smartphone as a remote for YouTube videos.
(Credit: YouTube)

The PS3 has a solid collection of streaming-video apps, but the lack of a dedicated YouTube app has always been a conspicuous omission.

That ends today, in the US at least, with Sony and Google rolling out a new YouTube app for the PlayStation 3. The new app features a big-screen-friendly layout, with controls optimised for the PS3's controller. You'll be able to log-in to your YouTube account, giving you access to your subscribed channels and other YouTube community features.

There's also an option to use your smartphone as a controller for the app, letting you take a video you're watching on your phone and "push" it up to your HDTV.

(Credit: YouTube)

The app hasn't show up on CNET's PS3 yet, so we haven't had any hands-on time with it, but YouTube says it should be rolling out today. There is no word on when it will be arriving in Australia.


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MitchellT posted a comment   

it better be better than 240P!


Chandler posted a reply   

ANYTHING will be better than Youtube XL...


MitchellT posted a reply   

tried watching the GTA V trailer on it the other day. unwatchable. especially at 1080p!


snuke posted a comment   

You might want to add that this will only be in the US PS Store at the moment.


Chandler posted a reply   

... crushed.

Why Sony!? WHY!!!!!!

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