PS3 launches in Australia

Hundreds of Australians stayed up late last night to be the first to buy the PlayStation 3. trekked across the shopping districts of Sydney to bring you all the action from various PS3 midnight launches.

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Dennis posted a comment   

Cant say it looks like much compared to the XBOX 360 launch at Myers... Maybe its just me - but i dont think it is.
I saw Formula 1 running on 1080p TV and sony PS3@ chatswood.
Can i say the xbox360 had that level of graphics in PG3 on launch date released some time in march - 2006.
PGR3 on a 1080i even looks great - then gears against resistance...
This is the first time I have not nabbed a console at launch, and its not just the $1000.00.
Technology moves very quickly - and for something to be over a year old turning out the same thing at a much higher price??
Sony is making us pay for their possible bad planning.
I like sony but come on.

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