PS4 and Xbox One: next-gen consoles three months on

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It's been around three months since the Xbox One and the PS4 launched in Australia.

Despite early dominance from the Xbox One in terms of sales, the PS4 has eclipsed Microsoft's efforts, not only being the best selling next-gen console in Australia, but also managing to sell more than 5.3 million units worldwide.

That's a significant figure already, but consider this: the PS4 hasn't even launched in Japan yet. That happens on 22 February and the results will be interesting to watch, to say the least.

When we reviewed the two new consoles, the biggest 'complaint' was the lack of compelling first-party games. Or, in the really early days, any compelling games at all. So what's changed now? Seamus Byrne and I decided to compare our experiences with the different consoles and see if now is the right time to buy either of them.

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booboosix40 posted a comment   

Thief is going to be awesome can't wait to play it


BrendenD posted a comment   

You arent excited for Thief? I think it will be one of the best games of '14.


TristramW posted a comment   

Microsoft are losing, a true "next gen" console shouldn't have to upscale video games just to get 1080p which really do matter to the serious gamer, why doesn't Microsoft understand this?.


kunalnanda posted a reply   

You should read this about the PS4:


Teabag posted a comment   

I'm a PayStation fan but since we are all now in the cycle of upgrading I am wondering whether it is better to kick in some more $$ and grab a gaming PC. With a PC there are mods, HD packs, etc and no issues of backward compatibility. However consoles are simple and games are now designed to the console limits. Any thoughts?


BrendenD posted a reply   

I think of Pc gaming as more of a luxury. Where as console gaming is a necessity. I do play some games on pc but i seem to have more fun on my couch on a console. Just my opinion. P.s. xb1 IS sweet. Idk why all these people argue over petty differences. Ive owned both the ps4 and xb1 but i sold my xb1. It seemed lile a ps3 without games. The ps4 is pretty much a finished product except for a few thinhs such as streaming games. I find the xb1 has much more potential to interact with the games and system. Its also super cool to say "xbox record this" and capture the clip of you moving people down.


booboosix40 posted a reply   

I'm guessing most of your gaming has been on console? If yes and you really want to get into PC gaming wait for the steam machines later on this year. The only problem is there is 14 steam machines. But if you get the Alienware one you should be ok.
After saying that I got a ps4 day one and I love it. Black flag is awesome on ps4 and with ps plus I've played some cool Indy games for free.
At the end of the day if you get a ps4 or Xbox one they are just going to get better and better each year.
The steam machines are a bit of an unknown so I'm not sure how they will turn out(fingers crossed they turn out great)


Teabag posted a reply   

Just in case anyone is reading these old comments. I ended up buying a gaming PC hooked up directly to the TV. Couldn't be happier. Graphics are amazing and just about every game released in the last 5 years is playable with a controller. Games are a lot cheaper to buy on steam and the HD packs and mods has completely changed the look and feel of the games. I'm using the PC as a media hub for music and videos as well, so another plus. The only con is the $$$ -but I was prepared to pay for it.

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