PS4 takes the next-gen console lead in Australia

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According to NPD Group Australia, the PS4 has sold more units than the Xbox One in the time period from launch to 2 February.

(Credit: Sony)

In fact, it was a banner year for Sony with NPD also reporting that the PS3 was the best selling console of 2013.

There had initially been suggestions that the Xbox One was in the lead but, in its press release about the sales data, Sony noted that the PS4 had initially suffered from limited stock.

Microsoft issued its own press release regarding the Xbox One, specifically noting that the Xbox One was the top selling next-gen console in 2013, suggesting that the PS4 has had it upswing since 1 January 2014.

Microsoft seems to be banking on the upcoming Titanfall to boost sales, with Jeremy Hinton, Microsoft Australia Business Group Lead Interactive Entertainment, saying:

Supply of the Xbox One has been limited since Christmas, however we are doing our best to meet demand, especially for Australians looking to join the action with the launch of Titanfall on 13 March.

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booboosix40 posted a comment   

It will be interesting to see sale numbers of both ps4 and Xbox one once Sony can match demand for the ps4 and when Titanfall releases. Keeping in mind that Titanfall is on PC as well. Should be some awesome numbers.

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