PS4 will support 1.5TB SATA replacement drive

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The PlayStation 4's hard drive will be able to be replaced with a 1.5TB model, thanks to the increased size of its hard-drive dock.

The PlayStation 4.
(Credit: Sony)

Good news, PlayStation tinkerers! Not only will you be able to easily pull apart your console to fit in a replacement hard drive, the size of said drive has increased from 9.5 millimetres to 12.5 millimetres.

The news comes by way of German website Computer Bild, which got its hands on, and in, a developer console. It seems Sony is continuing its tradition of allowing customers to modify their consoles, with an easily removable and replaceable hard drive.

Like the PS3 before it, the PS4's drive can be replaced with a 2.5-inch SATA drive, but the height of drives that will fit inside a PS3 is 9.5 millimetres. Admittedly, 9.5-millimetre 1.5TB drives started hitting the market just a couple of months ago, but the height increase in the PS4 means that the machine is primed for when drive manufacturers manage to squeeze more space into the 12.5-millimetre form factor.

The drive dock is also fitted with Phillips-head screws, meaning that you don't need a fancy screwdriver to take it out.

However, Sony really is making the PS4 the console of the future: it only supports HDMI out, dispensing entirely with A/V RCA/RGB and SCART. Your old CRT — which, let's be honest, makes it really hard to read on-screen text and make out fine detail when playing PS3 and Xbox 360 games anyway — is out.

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BoomingEchoes posted a comment   
United States

Just want to make a note here that may help someone down the line:

Just because the *bay* may be 12.5mm (which, honestly, before this article -or it's German source, that I frankly can't read- I've never heard), doesn't mean it'll *accept* anything larger then 9.5mm.

From Sony's Official FAQ:

"What type of hard drive does PS4 use?

PS4 is equipped with a 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive. Users can choose to install a new hard drive so long as it complies with these standards, **is no thicker than 9.5mm**, and is larger than 160GB."

(asterisks used by me, for emphasis.)

Also, I haven't come across very many 12.5mm drives. I'm not a huge expert any way, but in researching a drive to upgrade, and I've seen a few smaller then 9.5mm (5, 7 or 9mm) and a few at 15mm. If there is 12.5mm, it's a pretty irregular size and would be a very odd choice for Sony to allow, specially when this article seems to be putting high praise in their customization options.

There maybe people who are willing to take their big console investment and take it one step beyond and customize further then what Sony allows, and will be able to make videos outlining how you can put a bigger drive in, right now Sony doesn't seem to be allowing it as a base option, or are even recommending it be tried.

Unless there's been an update somewhere on this site; that since I came to this article by way of a comment somewhere else and don't usually follow what happens here (not for lack of love for CNET over the years), I wouldn't really know about; then I'm pretty sure this isn't exactly the most accurate information and I urge people to research a little more before taking this for gospel.


SeanZ posted a comment   

I'm looking to put a 2TB hard drive in it and see how it goes.


StevieL posted a comment   

We need to know if it supports sata 3 as well im really hoping it's not sata 2


KenM1 posted a comment   

So am I right in thinking that this would fit?


DimitriT posted a comment   

What was PS3 Hard Drive Limited?
i might want buy 1TB Hard Drive somepoint


RichardE1 posted a comment   

I'll stick with the Wii U.


ShawnC posted a reply   

You and 1 other person.

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