PSP games that secretly run on the Vita: all you need is a PS3

The PS Vita is a pretty phenomenal piece of hardware that's technically capable of being backwards-compatible with the entire PSP library.

Alas, at this point, the list of PSP games you can download onto your PS Vita is limited. Sure, there are plenty of great older games (and lots of great brand-new ones, too), but there are many missing titles. Browse the list for yourself.

Expand the Vita's library: connect to a PS3.
(Credit: Scott Stein/CNET)

Sony says the list of backwards-compatible games will continue to grow, but why wait? There are actually plenty of other PSP games you can play on your PS Vita right now, but you'll need a PS3 to make it happen. They may not be listed on Sony's backwards-compatibility list, but they certainly work.

So, here's the trick, which has been discussed on many message boards: while you can browse the PS Store to see what older downloadable PSP content is available for purchase or re-download, you're not getting the full picture of the whole PSP catalogue. Instead, browse your download list via Transaction Management on your PSN account on the PlayStation 3, and download any PSP games. The PS3 will store PSP games and allow a PSP — or, a Vita — to sync the content.

Connect your PS Vita to the PS3 via USB cable (half of the AC charging kit that came with the system) and launch the Content Manager app. Select the "Connect to a PS3 System" option, and select "Copy from PS3 to Vita". You can browse all PSP-related save content. At this point, any PSP games that can be transferred show up in a list. Select them, copy the files and you'll have your PSP games on your Vita.

Echochrome on the Vita.
(Credit: Scott Stein/CNET)

So far, I've done this to transfer two of my favourite games: Echochrome and Flow. According to message boards, many more games are transferable, but the only officially supported games are those that show up in the PS Store, and are listed in the official Sony blog post above. Of course, there's a good chance that these other games will officially appear in the PS Store sooner or later. And, sorry, UMD owners: this still doesn't help you at all.

Early PS Vita adopters, explore away. Any successfully transferred games you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments.


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LamboB posted a comment   

Does ModNation Racers (PSP) work?


NickS2 posted a comment   

My question is this: Can you put PSPGo games onto ps vita? I have a pc with the PlayStation Media Go program. I saved backups of all my PSP games onto my pc. I can then import all of them to my PSP1001 PSP2001 and my PSPGo. Can anyone test this theory on their pc with the media go to ps vita? If so then I can sell my PSPGo and get a vita. Which is sad because i have 2*32 GB memory stick micro's that I bought for 30 dollars each.


JunaidS posted a comment   

Does the PS Vita upscale PSP games transferred from the PS3 or is that only for games downloaded off the Vita store?


NickolasH posted a comment   

I recently put Killzone Liberation, Grand Turismo PSP, GTA CTW, GTA VC on my Vita and they all work fine. Was hoping Resistance Retribution would of worked but it didn't. I do find it odd that Resistance Retribution is missing from the PS store I was only able to find it off my download list. I wonder why Sony pulled it, because of the Vita's Resistance Burning Skies?


MichaelM10 posted a comment   

OR!... You s download them from the Playstation Store.

Echochrome, Flow, Breath of Fire 3 and GTA Chinatown Wars are all missing from the list but available as a download.


RayM posted a comment   

I have Brain Challenge and Rockband Unplugged. Interestingly enough the RB DLC has to be downloaded thru the game itself and not from the Vita PS Store front.


caster posted a comment   

i have alot that are not on the list that work madden 2010, unboubd saga, little big planet, gijoe,peggle bejewelled2,everyday shooter super stardust psp,king of pool. crystal defenders, puzzle quest, savage moon, capcom classics, rockband unplugged, and i have some that are on the list that don't work at all age of zombies, i must run ,let's golf,vempire. i don't think at this early stage sony has a clue.


JayR posted a comment   

Tactics Ogre Let us cling together works seamlessly. Just loaded it up on my Vita and i'm playing it now.


JamesP3 posted a comment   



AngelH posted a comment   

ok but does a psp vita has monster hunter 3 tri cause i love that game in the whole wide world and i dont like any thing else but that game it is fun like any other kind monster hunter like monster hunter 1, monster hunter 2, monster hunter 3, and final monster 4 i love that game

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