Pulse TV: tackling the tech myths

This week on Pulse TV we look at some of the biggest tech myths around, with mobile phones, cameras and even keyboards all getting a look-in.

Your hosts are CNET Australia editors Lexy Savvides, Ty Pendlebury and Joe Hanlon.

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Gazza posted a comment   

Are you nuts, I have a degree in Electonic Eng and have reapired averything. Keybds should never be washed only shaken and dried.Dishwashers will destroy any keybd. Every ybd is different but all suffer from corrosion from liquids. Dont make it worse by washing it. Honestly, where do you think the water will go....Pull it apart and clean and dry it bit by bit.

As for unplugging the power cable to get rid of electrical noise that builds up..oh really...it never builds up, it comes down the power line and either causes you grief or is suppressed in the power supply cctry. Just turn off, count to 10 and back on and you will reduce electrical failure guaranteed over quick off/on. Proven by 35 years experience. As for Hard Drives, not an issue. They are well designed to read / write ...turning off mid stream whilst writing can corrupt data on the disk. Most of the time you will be ok. mORE IMPORTANTLY, DONT MOVE COMPUTER OR LAPTOP WHILE IT IS RUNNING..


StevieC posted a reply   

looks like your keyboard needs a wash itself jks


JohnM12 posted a comment   

Great show, guys but how about taking a leaf out of your USA CNET site and using HTML5 videos so those with iPads etc can stream the show? Either that or persuade Steve Jobs to add Flash! (yeah, likely - NOT!) LOL!


Wilma posted a comment   

Best episode yet!


Peter DiLullo posted a comment   

Love your work guys. Mythbusting - Cnet style! One for Joe to look at: I've seen examples of people holding car remotes to their forehead to extend the effective range. Is there any similar techniques that you know of to enhance your mobile phone's reception?

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