Qantas to launch iPad entertainment to domestic routes

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Qantas has announced that it will be launching its QStreaming service on domestic flights later this year.

QStreaming in-flight entertainment for iPad.
(Credit: Qantas website)

In a media statement, Qantas announced that recent trials of its in-flight entertainment streaming service have been a great success. The system operates over Wi-Fi and will be delivered to iPads, available to all passengers on the flight.

"We will partner with Panasonic, and use their eXW solution to provide 200 hours of on-demand content via iPads to every passenger in Business and Economy travelling on our [Boeing 767] fleet," Qantas domestic CEO Lyell Strambi said in the statement. "QStreaming will be available free of charge to all our passengers across the fleet."

The service will roll out in the final quarter of the year, with east coast and Perth routes set to be the first to receive the service.

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Ray of Perth posted a comment   

More free advertising for Apple, Virgin is introducing Samsung Tablets on their planes in Aussie and Boeing is fitting Android in-flight entertainment systems on the newest planes in the world, the 787 Dreamliner, which has presold in the hundreds! The battle for supremacy takes to the air!

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