Quark is Intel's chip for wearable computing

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Just in case the wave of smart watches coming from all directions hasn't convinced you, Intel has thrown its hat in the ring to confirm that wearable devices are really hot right now.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announces the Quark chip line for wearables.
(Credit: Intel)

The Quark line of systems on a chip (SoCs) are super small — roughly one fifth the size of the already very small Atom CPU, and using one tenth of the power.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich introduced the SoCs during his keynote at the Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco, saying, "smartphones and tablets are not the end state; the next wave of computing is still being defined". He added, "wearable computers and sophisticated sensors and robotics are only some of the initial applications".

Intel will sample circuit board designs based on the first product in this family during the fourth quarter of 2013. Initially, Quark application will be focused on the industrial, energy and transportation markets.

At the keynote, Krzanich showed a bracelet as an example of a concept product, and said that the company is pursuing opportunities with partners in this area.

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