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We all know that we can keep regularly used programs ready for action in the OS X Dock or the Windows taskbar, but there are some great programs available that let you quickly launch anything on your system just by typing in a name.

On OS X, I use Alfred, a free, slick and simple launcher that you can pop up with the tap of a key, and then launch apps or do quick maths, or a host of other functions.

Another popular and very powerful option for Mac is Quicksilver.

On Windows, one of the standout options is Launchy, which is also available on OS X and Linux. It costs $3, and let's you type to launch apps, songs, documents and more.

If you like keyboard shortcuts, a quick launcher is a life changer.

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NickA1 posted a comment   

This function is built into a mac already, it's called Spotlight, and can be accessed quickly by pressing Command Space. It's not quite as slick or functional as the above apps, but can do quick calculations, launch apps, search your macs files and prioritise them in the order that you want. It can also search the web.

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