Quickflix joins streaming services for Sony devices

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Australian DVD rental company Quickflix has announced a new partnership with Sony where it will provide its first movie downloads service on compatible Sony devices by the end of 2011.

quickflix sony qriocity

The Sony Qriocity deal marks Quickflix's first movie streaming service.
(Credit: Quickflix)

As part of the deal, Quickflix will stream movies via Qriocity to all Sony Bravia Internet Video televisions, Blu-ray players and home theatre systems, as well as Vaio computers in Australia. PlayStation 3 users will be unable to access the service at launch.

"The next step in our mission to reach a million customers in five years is the introduction of our streaming service. This will give customers the ultimate choice of the largest range of movies in Australia and an amazing selection of instant viewing through streaming combined with DVD and Blu-ray," Quickflix chief executive officer, Chris Taylor, said.

The partnership follows Sony's own downloads service launched several weeks ago — "Video on Demand powered by Qriocity" — but it's not yet known what the differences between the Quickflix and Sony services will be.

Sony currently charges between AU$5.99 and AU$6.99 for high-definition content and up to AU$4.99 for standard-definition content. After renting a film, consumers have up to 30 days to watch their movie, and up to 48 hours to watch the film once playback has started.

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GeorgeP posted a comment   

Was a member of Quick Flix for a long time but eventually un subscribed with the intent of subscribing to a streaming service.
With the exception of Graboid there is virtually nothing available in Australia that will simply stream HD content on your PC without requiring some extra dedicated piece of hardware.
For Big Pond you need a T-Box; for Itunes you need an Apple TV. Now for Quick Flix you have to buy a whole new bloody TV or some extra device that is really just an authorization dongle. Why would I spend 1000 bucks on a new TV when i can just buy an apple TV for 129$?. You would think they would choose a cheaper interface. I could take that 1000 bucks and buy about 80 movies.
I really thought that Quickflix featured a fantastic range of movies particularly in art house and foreign categories.
Not prepared to buy another piece of gear to watch you movies


gregory.opera posted a comment   

I wonder what Quickflix will bring to the table, other than a familiar name (not that I'VE ever heard of Quickflix personally, though I get the impression their well-known...)?

We recently tried out the ability to hire movies via the PlayStation Store and whilst it's not complete, the size of the catalog was suprisingly large... Further to this, the quality was incredible.

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