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As we noted in our PS4 review, the console was a little light on entertainment apps, without even the two catch-up TV offerings that the Xbox One has.

(Credit: Quickflix)

That's set to change a little, with Quickflix announcing that the PS4 version of its app will debut this week. The Quickflix video on demand service is available on a wide variety of devices, including Sony's last console the PS3 and a number of Bravia TVs.

In a media statement, Stephen Langsford, CEO of Quickflix, said:

We're delighted to extend our partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Australia enabling us to be the first Australian movie and TV streaming service available on the PS4 and to deliver on our commitment to offer people more ways to watch the entertainment they love.

Quickflix is also available on the Xbox 360, so we'd imagine that an Xbox One version would be in the works. The service offers unlimited streaming in SD and HD from AU$14.99, as well as still offering the option of physical disc delivery via mail.

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ADSLNerd posted a comment   

I will never ever use streaming services. I will not forgo my ability to play my movies / music on any compatible device I want, with DRM / proprietary software enforcement. I pay I play my way, and will always make a physical copy of what I own / purchase. Streaming enforces control measure of which I don't agree too, and will not accept for the sake of "con-venience". it's good to see Netflix offering a disc based service, however their own Australian website shows no disc delivery options as the service is not available in Australia (according to their website).

I furthermore will not use my internet quota for a movie / music streaming service, which I have paid for when I get nothing tangible in return - no thank you. If I'm paying for music / movies I want and will get a physical copy without any restrictions whatsoever. if not I will always find alternate methods.


swanny92 posted a reply   

Well we're happy for you. Continue to consume media however you wish. You are aware that using streaming services doesn't actually mean you are buying the content though, right? That point alone seems to completely shut down whatever pretentious point you were trying to make.

$8-12 a month to watch as many movies and TV shows I am offered is a far better deal compared to paying $30 for an individual DVD or season of a TV show.

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