Quickflix movie streaming available now on Sony TVs

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Sony has just switched on Quickflix's movie-streaming service for the company's internet-enabled TVs, Blu-ray players and home theatre systems.

The service is priced at AU$14.99 per month, and allows customers to watch an unlimited number of movies from Quickflix's catalogue of available movies. If you already participate in Quickflix's DVD rental scheme, movie streaming can be added for a reduced monthly fee — AU$14 for those on the Light plan, AU$9 for Basic customers and AU$7 for those on Standard and Ultimate.

A free 12-month Quickflix streaming movie subscription will be included with the following Sony Bravia televisions bought between now and the end of Christmas Eve 2011: KDL-65HX925, KDL-55HX925, KDL-55HX820, KDL-46HX820, KDL-55NX720, KDL-46NX720, KDL-40NX720, KDL-60EX720, KDL-55EX720, KDL-46EX720, KDL-40EX720 and KDL-32EX720.

Quickflix will also be available on Sony's PlayStation 3 before the end of 2011.

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olderbloke posted a comment   

I have had Quickflix streaming movies for about 3 weeks. The movies are outdated with no latest releases and a very limited range from which to choose. I hope that this situation improves eg Under the category "Western's" you have a choice of only 5 movies. I am sure that there were 1000's of Western movies produced, why only five?.
Fortunately I am on a 12 month free trial period. I would be very reluctant to sign up and pay at the moment, unless the situation improves dramatically. I will wait and see.


Paul Brown posted a comment   

I have the Sony internet tv add-on (SMP-N100). I do hope quickflix will work on it.


JamesB5 posted a comment   

Quickflix's movie catalogue is sooo old!


prydie posted a comment   

Quickflix on my PS3? Yes please!

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