Quickflix to deliver HBO shows close to broadcast

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Australian online video service Quickflix has announced that it will soon have digital sales rights for HBO programs, offering both download and streaming of shows within hours of US broadcast.

Game of Thrones amongst key HBO shows likely to be coming soon to Quickflix.
(Credit: HBO)

HBO has held an investment in Quickflix since February 2012, which raised the hope that a streaming deal may come soon after as older HBO programs have been available for streaming since around the same time. It has taken over twelve months, but fans of HBO series are likely to be pleased to have the opportunity to access shows outside of Foxtel.

To date, Apple iTunes has been the only place for non-Foxtel customers to gain access to HBO shows close to broadcast, with Game of Thrones seasons two and three having been available shortly after US broadcast.

The Quickflix deal is a sales arrangement, which means that the programming will not be available as part of a Quickflix subscription. Programs will be available for purchase as seasons or single programs to anyone, including non-subscribers.

The service will allow programs to be downloaded or streamed to a range of devices, including tablets, mobiles, computers and Smart TV platforms — wherever the Quickflix app is available. Up to five devices can be registered.

In spite of a range of progress, 2012 was not an easy year for Quickflix. But deals like HBO may see Quickflix push forward in 2013.

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JustinB1 posted a comment   

Woohoo, about time!! Nice work guys. Keen to see if Game of Thrones is available on Quickflix the same time as it is on Apple TV.

New 2013 Samsung tv on it's way soon so looking forward to this.

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