Quickflix to deliver movies to Kobo e-readers?

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The video-on-demand service is making a move to "Kobo e-readers and new-generation devices".

Quickflix is coming to the Kobo Arc.
(Credit: Kobo; Quickflix)

Despite the bad news back in November that Quickflix was cutting jobs in an effort to cut costs, the company certainly isn't lying down and waiting to go gently into that good night.

The company has already announced a deal with Humax to deliver the service over its net-connected PVR range.

Now they're making another push into the mobile space. According to the release, Quickflix will be delivering video on the Kobo e-reader ranges, which is a little confusing — surely no one wants an e-ink movie?

We checked back with Quickflix and it's actually the Kobo Arc, a second-generation e-reader tablet that we previewed back in Spetember (and were quite impressed with it).

As of the first quarter of next year "selected new Kobo e-readers" — which we assume just means the Arc — will come with the Quickflix app pre-loaded. It's a similar deal to what Quickflix does with Samsung mobile devices. Given that the Arc has a screen resolution of 1280x800 — the same as the Nexus 7 — this might make it a decent viewing experience for on the go.

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