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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

R2D2 USB cufflinks let you wear your data on your sleeve

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Forget clouds — concealed in each cufflink, from, is a 2GB USB flash drive, giving you an easy way to carry around some extra storage.

They're also pretty swanky.They are plated with silver, has enamel detailing and whale-back fastening. It also sports an official Star Wars licence from Lucasfilm.

For its listed price of US$200 we could grab at least 232GB worth of storage from JB Hi-Fi, so it's hard to justify the price — but then we'd miss out on wearing R2D2 on our sleeves.

Tell you what; make him make noises, and we might have a deal.


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Procuffs posted a comment   

Cufflink is one of the most liked accessory of man. Different cufflinks are there. USB cufflinks are becoming popular with time. One can store data and photographs in it.


rkc_62 posted a comment   

I bought exactly the same cufflinks without the white and blue enamel for $12, so either it is really expensive enamel, or George Lucas is charging a fortune! They could have at least made the cap dome shaped to look like Rs-D2.

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