Razer Edge preps for pre-order, but only in US and Canada

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The high-end gaming tablet will be shipping towards the end of March, but not outside of North America and Canada.

The Razer Edge running Skyrim at this year's CES.
(Credit: Nic Healey/CNET)

Razer's promise of a powerful tablet offering a full-fledged gaming experience proved true at this year's Consumer Electronics Show with the Razer Edge stealing the show and taking home a Best of CES Award.

Razer promised a first-quarter launch date, and it seems set to deliver with its website announcing that orders will begin on 1 March. The company said that units will ship to customers later that month.

But Australians hoping to get their hands on the Edge will be sadly disappointed, with the Razer site only offering to ship to US and Canada addresses.

There are three configurations of the Edge: with a basic model and two higher-powered Edge Pro models. Prices start at US$999 and go up to US$1449 for the top of the line Pro.

We spoke to a contact for Razer in Australia who stated that there are definite plans for an Australian launch of the product, but that pricing and availability dates have yet to be decided.

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