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In celebrating the 12 days of Christmas competitions at CNET, we asked our readers what their favourite music-playing mobile phone of all time was.

We were really impressed with the number of older phones that made the cut in this list, especially the Sony Ericsson R306, a phone which former CNET Australia editor Ella Morton once called "tha Nanna phone". Thanks to everyone who contributed, the list in no particular order is as follows:

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leechgod27 posted a comment   

xperia x10 rightly deserves a place here.stock player may be irritating,but you can get a player like winamp from droid market.If you want loud volume buy a china phone,in headphones(not the stock ones) its great.Equalizer will be available in 2.2 update

yes htc desire should get a place here...


JoeH2 posted a comment   

You should have entered our competition and told us before we published this!


. . . posted a comment   

Why is the Xperia X10 there? The music player is irritating. The volume isn't loud, there's no equalizer.
And why isn't the HTC desire hd there? It's music player is easier to use. You can make playlist easier than the iPhone. It goes really loud. It has an equalizer, plus dolby mobile and SRS wow hd.

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