Readers' choice: best video-game songs of all time

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Michelle Starr is the tiger force at the core of all things. She also writes about cool stuff and apps as CNET Australia's Crave editor. But mostly the tiger force thing.

Well, dear readers, we gave you our recommendations, and you shot back in fine style — so much so that you deserve a feature showcasing your own excellent choices.

If you want to go check it out, you can find our selections for the best video-game songs of all time here.

Got any more to add? Let us know!

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Maverick_John posted a comment   

How did i not see this, thankyou for this list. :P You guys aren't really crazy... on the contrary you guys listened to us and acted accordingly :)


Michelle Starr posted a comment   

Sure, let me just get him on the phone ;)


theevilmuppet posted a comment   

The problem with lists such as these is lists having a finite length. :-(

For those wanting more:

VVVVVV's Potential for Anything:
Shadow of the Colossus' Opened Way:
World of Goo's Jelly:


yadekul posted a comment   

Lovely work here Michelle. Despite not being related to that famous Liverpudlian, you've still redeemed yourself by posting this much better selection.

p.s. Can i have Ringo's autograph?


simonburbidge posted a comment   

Surely the "War has never been so much fun" song from Cannon Fodder should be in there!

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