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Remember the early days of mobile phone cameras? Re-create those heady times with this Windows Phone app that purposely makes your shots look awful.

(Credit: Pixel Heritage)

Back in the days of the Motorola Razr V3 et al, quality mobile phone photography was just a twinkle in the eyes of creative types. Now, it's pretty standard to see smartphone shots gracing the walls of galleries and homes or computer screens around the world. Just in case you were feeling a twinge of nostalgia for those poor-quality shots from yesteryear, a new app will take you back.

As reported by, Pixel Heritage simulates the cameras from several old Nokia handsets, complete with randomly generated bad pixels, dust, haze and noise. Rather fittingly, the app is only available on Windows Phone — a comment perhaps on the quality of new Nokia handsets with PureView cameras, like the Lumia 920?

Though the app was developed by Virgin Mobile Poland, it's still a pretty fun (and free) way to bring back those grainy memories from the early days of mobile phone photography.

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