Red Bull goes cheapest; unlimited at AU$30 per month

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Red Bull Mobile launched an aggressive new plan today, introducing new Access 365 Monthly plans, which include unlimited calls and text, plus 5GB per month for AU$30.

Details of the new Access 365 Monthly plan.
(Credit: Red Bull Mobile)

Monthly payment is new to Red Bull's post-paid options, where previously, these plans had to be paid for in full upfront. The 365 Access Monthly plan requires customers to sign a 12-month contract.

Red Bull Mobile structures its plans differently to most of the other telcos in Australia. Each plan option is differentiated by a period of time that includes unlimited calls and messaging, plus a monthly data allowance that increases in steps, so that customers connecting to the network for longer periods get more data each month.

The new plan makes Red Bull cheapest on price, with its nearest competitors Amaysim, Live Connected and TPG all charging AU$40 or more each month for similar offers, though these other networks do include different value propositions. TPG's AU$45 per-month plan includes AU$100 worth of international calling, for example, while Amaysim doesn't require a contract on its AU$39.90 Unlimited plan. Live Connected offers a phone with a selection of its post-paid plans and includes 4G speeds.

Woolworth's Mobile comes closest with its AU$29 prepaid cap, which also includes 5GB data each month, but limits calls and texts to a AU$500 limit, of which AU$250 must be used to call other Woolworths customers.

Red Bull also differs from these aforementioned competitors by being one of the few Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) to piggy-back on the Vodafone network. Most of the network resellers in Australia use the Optus Open Network infrastructure.

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HymieS posted a comment   

Some misinformation here on Woolworths Mobile...
- It's $29 (less 10% if you have a Woolworths Everyday Rewards card...which is free) for ***45 days*** access.
- The credit is split as $250 to any phone and is used first; after that, the remaining $250 can be used to any *OPTUS* mobile (does not have to be Woolworths Mobile)
In my opinion this is a very attractive package if you don't make too many calls, and you still have decent data allowance...AND it's _not_ on the Vodafone notwork.


KevinD4 posted a comment   

Yeah great value.. BUT on Vodafone network....


Will1505 posted a comment   

Lyca mobile still beats it by $6, 2gb less but uses Telstra's 2g network which i would prefer over the vodafone network.

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