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It seems that Motorola is on the verge of re-releasing a classic line of phones, with its latest smartphone effort to proudly bear the Razr badge.

In line with this momentous occasion, we've put together every Razr review on CNET Australia, harking back to our origins in 2005. We've even chucked in a Krzr and a Rizr for good measure, plus the funkiest-looking Bluetooth headset ever. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

If you come across a phone in the list that you actually owned, hit the Facebook Like button and tell the world.

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DominicC posted a comment   

woah my V9 still sits on my desk with my iPhone :P


trebor83 posted a comment   

I worry that Motorola are actually just resurrecting the Razr name and not the Razr look/design/ethos. If they really want to do this, and not just trade on the name of their most successful product, they need to have committed to making the thinnest, most compact mobile in existence. I'm thinking of something like the number pad of the old phone, all the components in a thick part at the top or bottom that tapers away to nothing but the screen, which is no more then 4 inches. If it is nothing more then just an Atrix with a Razr badge it will completely fail.

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