Remote control X-Wing storms CES

OK, so it's not controlled via iPhone like Parrot's AR.Drone, but compared to much of the worthy but slightly dull displays at CES this year, this one's worth a few column inches.

DigitTronics demonstrated its RCX4 Star Stryker radio-controlled helicopter to the delight of Star Wars fans at CES 2010.

Priced at US$399, with a US$299 sale price for CES attendees, the Star Stryker includes a quad-motor layout with control for lift, cycle and yaw. The helicopter comes with a custom-fit case, a 2.4GHz-spectrum radio controller and is already assembled.

Of course, Lucasfilm's lawyer team is probably drafting their cease-and-desist letter as we speak, so grab one while you can. At least we'll always have the video, right?

No word on when we'll be able to pit this thing against the iPhone-controlled AR.Drone, but keep those fingers crossed.

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