Renault concept comes with scouting drone

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The Renault KWID is a concept multi-purpose vehicle that comes with its very own drone for scouting terrain and traffic conditions.

(Credit: Renault)

Renault has unveiled its latest concept at the Delhi Auto Expo, a concept vehicle for the Indian market boasting a robust design — and what the company is calling the Flying Companion, a drone that can be controlled by a tablet mounted on the car's dash.

The drone, the company said, has two modes of operation: the aforementioned manual mode, where a passenger (hopefully) can remote-control the drone; and a pre-programmed flying sequence using GPS location. "The Flying Companion can be used for a variety of purposes, including scouting traffic, taking landscape pictures and detecting obstacles on the road ahead," Renault said.

(Credit: Renault)

Inside, it features several interesting design features. The driver is seated in the centre rather than one side of the vehicle, with room for one passenger on either side. The driver's seat is pushed forward for better arm and shoulder room. This arrangement, Renault said, meets international driving demands, able to be driven in both left- and right-handed driving conditions. The rear seat has enough space for two passengers.

The interior design is inspired by a snug bird's nest. The solid white seats are wrapped in a net-like elastomer material that provides cushioning, and rear air conditioning provides coolness in warm climates. Meanwhile, two wing doors keep the size down, and chunky wheels give the appearance of an off-roader in spite of its two-wheel drive transmission.

(Credit: Renault)

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JT1 posted a comment   

And the drones also would have to come back on their own, as their battery is about to drain. Something similar to those robot vacuum cleaners, that return to their charging station as needed.


JT1 posted a comment   

Unless those drones have some kind of collision detection and prevention, it is useless. I think the whole idea is to be used as propaganda than anything else.


SeanK1 posted a comment   

Apparently you people don't understand "Concept." It is to demonstrate proof of technology. Rarely do these cars ever become production automobiles.


BrianG1 posted a comment   

A stupid idea!!! thats what..'Being aware of your surroundings' was meant for...The traff8ic in the bigger metro cities is...going by the videos Ive seen...absolute chaos on the roads...keep your eyes on the road..not on a damn panel on the dash!!.. accidents waiting to happen.


AdoD1 posted a comment   

Superb innovation


BrianD5 posted a comment   

That would be nice... but this isn't practical. Having 500 drones flying around an accident, crashing into each other, breaking down and having people get our of their cars to retrieve them...


KevinM3 posted a reply   

What is the possibility that happens, You have to take in the fact that this car is very expensive so not many people are going to be able to afford this. Plus, the sky is miles and miles of free space, what is the chance that it will crash to another one. Maybe it would crash into a tree or cable line but not another drone.

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