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Renegade Game Chair - yours for only AU$649

We've never met anyone who actually owns one of these chairs. You know the type — the ones that rumble all over, have speakers pointed directly at your head and generally don't ever achieve mass market penetration because they're expensive, the full body rumble is off-putting and take up a heck of a lot of space. It has the advantage of not making you look like an idiot, unlike the old Aura Interactor-style rumble backpacks that have been peddled since the Sega MegaDrive days.

Therapeutic devices re-purposed as something else (or sometimes in reverse) have always made us cautious; however, the only thing a vibrating game chair is likely to hurt is your high scores, and in some cases, your reputation.

This one, known as the "Renegade Game Chair", apparently "gives the most authentic shakes and rumbles, out-shaking even the washing machine cycle", which we can't help but think may be slightly distracting to those of you wanting precision control in a game. It also features "ground effects lighting" (whatever that means), has a headphone jack, massage settings, a compartment for storing games extras and a drink/remote holder, the press release claiming breathlessly that "you need never get up again!".

It's listed as being compatible with the Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 1, 2 and 3, Wii and GameCube. The PC, PSP, DS and MP3 players are also mentioned, although we certainly don't remember rumble features in any of those. Either it's talking about those super noggin-focused speakers again, or a crazy-clever vibrating algorithm that calculates rumble from sound. If this is the case, don't put on any Barry White, the subsonic rumble might kill you.

The Renegade sells for AU$649, and will be available in June. If you're keen to have your teeth rattled, you can pre-order it at The Gaming Collection.

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PETE posted a comment   

the renegade chair is crap compared to other chairs
and those that say it rocks are just the agents selling the damm things

the motors fail after a few months and the chair quickly starts falling apart
also one of the main dealers selling the chair in the UK (
is well known for ripping people off and you are advised to stay well clear
of this company as there nothing but a bunch of thieves



Lemmingski posted a comment   

Why do they seem to think that the "ULTIMATE GAMING EXPERIENCE OGMWTFLOL" must include sitting on a vibrator?? I wish they sold a regular/budget version of just the CHAIR withOUT the nonsense, as it's just what I've been looking for, but it's overpriced and full of features I don't want. When they decide to just sell a chair, I'll be in that. Don't insult my $400 headphones with all this audio nonsense and a thinly disguised masturbatory aid.


sus posted a comment   

are the first three comments shown here from Renegade Game Chair sales reps or what?


ratsac posted a comment   

Oi! I used to own one of those Aura Cushions. Trouble was, the 'Bowel-shaking earthquakes of doubt and remorse' (Remember the song "The Distance" by Cake?) were a little off-putting. And yes- these things work by running the bass frequencies through a transducer, so they'll work with virtually any sound source.

The original Aura setup didn't sell too well (I remember seeing these lurking for years in the Bargain basket at every JayCar electronics store) and I don't see the new version selling too well either. Very niche. As you have mentioned, they are a little bit off-putting when used for gaming. It may have some use in the therapeutic goods industry though, as a rival to All-Bran.... ;-)


hitmanatmobster posted a comment   

I'm somewhat amazed at what I have read. I have a chair and I'm based in the UK and it really does live up to all the hype. Yes it works with my Xbox and my mate as a PS3 and that works with it also with no problem

I have even run my DVD player through it and it picks up the rumble and sound track on that so when I read this. I find it so amusing that some one who as not even see one let alone played a game in one should write such an article about something he knows nothing about. You must be a budding politician. We have had them in the UK now for a number of months. I think you should try one first.

This will be the biggest thing to hit you down under since the invention of a cold beer.

A very happy Renegade owner/ user


raiders0218 posted a comment   

I have the Renegade Game Chair and if you haven't tried it, you have no idea what you are missing! It makes racing games, FPS and sports games come alive. It is so comfortable I can play for hours. I love the Renegade and can't wait for the new Ultimate Game Chair.

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