Research In Motion is no more: "We are BlackBerry"

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The company formerly known as Research In Motion (RIM) will take on the more recognisable name of its product range and be known as BlackBerry going forward.

BlackBerry CEO Thorstein Heins in New York.
(Credit: Joseph Hanlon/CNET Australia)

"From this point forward, RIM becomes BlackBerry," CEO Thorstein Heins announced during an event to showcase the company's new BlackBerry 10 operating system and devices.

"It is one brand, it is one promise. Our customers use BlackBerry, our employees work for BlackBerry and our shareholders are owners of BlackBerry. From today on, we are BlackBerry everywhere in the world," said Heins.

The changes in company title are reflected in new Nasdaq and Toronto Stock Exchange abbreviations: BBRY and BB, respectively.

The change of name signifies an important milestone for the Canadian company, with its new operating system seen as a final attempt to recapture the imagination of technology users who have chosen iPhones and Android devices instead of BlackBerry phones for the last two to three years.

The BlackBerry 10 launch event was held simultaneously in six cities. Heins spoke in New York, but was simulcast to London, Dubai, Johannesburg, Toronto and Paris.

Joseph Hanlon attended the event in New York as a guest of BlackBerry.

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