Retina display iMac to debut in October?

An all new iMac will reportedly debut around October, with a high chance of sporting a Retina display. At least, that's the latest scuttlebutt from DigiTimes.

Could a new Retina display iMac debut this year?
(Credit: Apple)

Citing the usual "upstream supply chain sources", DigiTimes claimed that Apple's suppliers will start shipping components for the new iMac this month. Those sources also said that Apple is looking to expand its Retina display across all product lines, which means that the new iMac has a "high chance" of getting the high-resolution screen.

Apple is reportedly pushing the Retina display for all its products in a bid to outshine its rivals in screen resolution. Since Retina displays are an expensive component, other PC vendors are unlikely to jump on the higher-resolution bandwagon at this time.

Beyond launching a new iMac this year, Apple will also refresh both the iMac and Mac Pro next year with brand new models, according to the sources.

As with many reports from DigiTimes

It seems doubtful that Apple would debut a new Retina display iMac as late as October, and then push out yet another refresh next year. October also seems an unlikely launch date, as Apple will certainly be busy unveiling the new iPhone and kicking off iOS 6 around that time.

Another report also throws DigiTimes' info into question. The New York Times' David Pogue recently said that an Apple executive told him that new models of the iMac and Mac Pro are in the works, but "probably" won't be released until 2013.


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