Review Report: Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421

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Derek loves nothing more than punching a remote location into a GPS, queuing up some music and heading out on a long drive, so it's a good thing he's in charge of CNET Australia's Car Tech channel.

Derek Fung and Craig Simms dissect the Lenovo ThinkVision USB monitor in this week's Review Report.

Review Report is part of CNET Australia's weekly tech show, CNET TV. Read Craig's full review of the Lenovo ThinkVision here.

Watch this segment and the entire episode of CNET TV on TV4Me, channel 74, at the following times (AEDST):

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AaronP posted a comment   

Hi Lexy

I am looking to purchase my first DSLR and would like to know what you would recommend. I would like to use it for general use but looking to take outdoor sports and nature photos. I have read the guide of best DSLR's under $1000 but as I am very new to the world of DSLR its hard to make a choice based on what I would most like to the use the camera for. Thanks for your help. Aaron


holdenmg posted a comment   

How does this compare to the Samsung Lapfit 18.5" 16:9 LCD Monitor which sold for a mere AUD$129.95?


Craig Simms posted a reply   

Hard to say, we haven't seen the Samsung for review. If it's using the same generation of DisplayLink technology, one could argue the same performance caveats would apply, with perhaps the display panel offering better colours. Still, I wouldn't want to be dragging an 18.5-inch monitor around with my laptop.

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