Rex Dupain on mobile photography and the Sony Xperia Z1

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Renowned Australian photographer Rex Dupain was one of the first to put the Sony Xperia Z1 through its paces.

Rex is the son of famed Australian photographer Max Dupain. Max was responsible for some of the nation's most iconic images, such as "Sunbaker", taken in 1937. Rex followed in his father's footsteps, picking up photography in his early years.

In his late teenage years, however, Rex traded in photography for a formal training in painting. He exhibited his work across the country and taught painting and drawing. He returned to the photographic craft in the mid-1990s, documenting the life and characters around Australia's beaches in series such as "The Colour of Bondi".

Rex collaborated with Sony to reproduce images from his father's collection and his own portfolio using the Xperia Z1. In the video below, he discusses his relationship with mobile photography and how smartphones are affecting how artists work.

All images are copyright Rex Dupain, courtesy Josef Lebovic Gallery and were shot on the Sony Xperia Z1.

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