RIM lowers drawbridge on BB10 app submissions

It's official: RIM has declared open season for BB10 app submissions. A recent post on the company's development blog confirmed that RIM is now accepting entries for applications that specifically target the long-anticipated BlackBerry 10 operating system.

(Credit: RIM)

The post in question also laid out how to begin the submission process to the BlackBerry storefront, offering links to the Beta3 Developer SDK, if you'd like to get in on the coding action. In addition, RIM reminded potential developers that any app that is deemed worthy of the Built for BlackBerry program and earns US$1000 over 12 months, could net a RIM payout of US$10,000.

RIM said that it will also showcase select apps that it approves, and give them prominent carousel placement in the BlackBerry App World marketplace. Sounds either like a really good incentive or that RIM is feeling desperate. Either way, it's time to get cracking, folks.

Via CNET.com

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