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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

RIM may launch BBM for Android, iPhone

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Do you have a group of friends that use BlackBerrys and conduct secret, but obviously hilarious, BBM conversations behind your back? Wish you could be in on the joke and still keep your HTC Desire HD?

According to those ever-mysterious "sources", the Boy Genius Report has come across information indicating that BlackBerry makers Research In Motion (RIM) may be gearing up to launch a cross-platform version of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android first, with Apple's iOS platform following sometime thereafter. Though this would mean sharing one of the few exclusive and popular functionalities of the BlackBerry brand, it could be an excellent way to keep BlackBerry in the front of users' minds even as they play with their iPhone.

This rumour follows on from another interesting piece of BlackBerry cross-platform speculation, with several sites suggesting that RIM could be developing an Android emulator of sorts for running Android applications as though they were native applications of its new QNX-based tablet platform — the same OS we expect to see in BlackBerry smartphones sooner rather than later. This would give BlackBerry users an extra 150,000 tools and games on top of the apps already available on the BlackBerry App World.


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Sul posted a comment   

Its called blackberry messenger for a reason. So i dont think they will do that cus i'd buy a bb for bbm and nothing else.


KGB posted a comment   

I think RIM is late to the game - other platforms now have WhatsApp and even BlackBerries can use that. Even if they did port BBM to the iPhone wouldn't it be even more difficult for them to sell BBs?

There's a good editorial which sums up the challenges for this strategy:


LPM posted a comment   

LiveProfile is just like, or even better than BBM and it's all FREE! Will be available for BB users this week, and already on Android & iPhone. It's a fairly newer app, so there's a lot more to come. Try it out and spread the word!


live_life posted a comment   

This is a speculation I don't think they will actually do it. Half of all BB users will switch if they did even if they had to pay a subscription fee.


Ray posted a comment   

Having BBM on other platforms would kill BB altogether imo. It's the only thing keeping most BB users from jumping ship =\


sarebare posted a comment   

so excited for the iphone to have bbm!


Rey posted a comment   

How we can get it please ? Could you tell us How to download ? Thank u


IZblind posted a comment   

The bbm app must have a xtra monthly charge on bbm for android or ios or RIM would die because android phone are the best but not best software. Bbm is also the main attraction to BB along with its very secure coding.


victec posted a comment   

i wouldn't mind having it on iphone

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