Road Angel Navigator 7000

The Navigator 7000 is a fine GPS system with oodles of add-on safety features, but its complexity is also its Achilles heel. Read our Australian review.

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User Reviews / Comments  Road Angel Navigator 7000

  • PeterW2



    "paid $1000 for a unit that won't work properly. updated the unit with new card to fix the problems and made it worse they told me to send it back and they would check it out and fix it but i had to..."

  • Baz



    "bought the unit 3years ago ($1000) it always took ages to find satellites, when the speaker stopped working road angel took their time replying to our email and then wanted too charge just too have..."

  • top gun

    top gun


    "i do 360-370 thousand k a year.heavy veicle operator,have Road Angel 6000 and its the best thing i ever bought.had for three years now and only prob i have had is a bad battery."

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