Rovio announces Pigs Defence

Angry Birds giant Rovio has announced a new upcoming mobile game: Pigs Defence.

(Credit: Rovio)

The game, which will be launched sometime in the next few months, will deviate from the slingshot mechanic that made Angry Birds so popular, heading instead into tower defence territory.

Rovio is keeping mum about most of the details, but CEO Mikael Hed did reveal that you would play as pigs in space, protecting your territory from marauding birds.

"We really thought it was time to get away and branch out into a fresh direction," said Hed. "We've been coasting on Angry Birds for far too long — it's time to try something new."

He added, "The acquisition of Futuremark will make this game really something special. They are an incredibly talented team, and their experience on Unstoppable Gorg will be invaluable."

By the way, as some of you have noticed, this article was an April Fool's joke (unless of course, it actually happens, then it is an incredible scoop).

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AlexP3 posted a comment   

Hooray for Unstoppable Gorg?


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

I was wondering if anyone would notice the screenshot mash-up :)


heyhowie posted a comment   

This is seriously an awesome twist on the angry birds universe. Who came up with it?


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

... That would have been me ... I'm glad you like it :)


RobbieH posted a comment   


Obvious April fools is obvious

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