Roxio Easy Media Creator 10

There's not much you can't do with Roxio's Easy Media Creator 10 Suite, although we'd dearly like to see more of the applications play nicely with each other.

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User Reviews / Comments  Roxio Easy Media Creator 10

  • slojoe



    "does mexico make any of this stuff?

    lots of wasted time"

  • PoopyPants


    "Unstable Conflicts between apps. Time Consuming do to instability. This is not want anyone wants when working with such programs. The package boast of a do-all, but Error Codes A Flying makes the..."

  • Bob in Phoenix

    Bob in Phoenix

    "I've been taking 10 year old Hi8 tapes and making DVDs. Seems as there is some quality lost in the transfer from the old Sharp 8mm camera to my Sony AR870. Kind of time consuming as the tape to har..."

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