Rumour: 5D Mark II used in upcoming Harry Potter and Iron Man movies?

Camera blog Planet5D has posted a rumour stating that one of its sources saw two units of Canon's EOS 5D Mark II at the set of the upcoming Harry Potter movie.

The blog's source also stated that the two cameras were fitted with industrial-grade Panavision lenses, which are typically used for filming movies. Considering that this dSLR can record full-HD videos at 30 frames per second, it is quite possible that the camera was used during the movie production.

Check out this for bragging rights. A 5D Mark II with a huge Panavision lens attached. (Credit:

Another blog, Canon Rumors, reported that the production unit of Iron Man 2 has purchased several EOS 5D Mark II cameras. However, it wasn't stated whether these dSLRs would be used to film the movies. Readers have commented on both blogs that instead of using the snappers for shooting the flicks, chances are they would be used for recording behind-the-scenes footage to be included in the DVD or Blu-ray versions.

Currently, the imaging industry is seeing a shift to integrate video recording into dSLRs. Systems like the Micro Four Thirds are catching up, too, with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 offering a 1080p-quality video-recording feature. Surely, these technologies will improve over time and we won't be surprised to see the next Hollywood hit filmed entirely using a dSLR.

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AlexImaging STUDIO posted a comment   

We just shot a music video clip with three cameras, two of them were 5D's Mark 2. The third one was an HD Panasonic from which the footage will probably not be used cause the 5D's outcame it.. I just couldn't believe the results, we were shooting in low light conditions, almost no noise.. excellent quality!
Getting advantage of photographic lenses on a 35mm full frame sensor gave as Hollywood results...
There are minor things Canon should improve on it..
I believe with the next model we'll be able to shoot high budget feature films having nothing to envy from productions that used panavision, red or other cinematography cameras..
Technology is finally moving forward in big steps! :-D


Kisslite posted a reply   

Total rubbish - cannot believe you are even saying it - 5d's with a Panavision lens make excellent directors viewfinders thats what I use mine for - to say they are going to compete with Panavision as a source for capturing movies intended for cinema is a complete misnomer - 24p anyone - what is more would the likes of Arri even bother launching their new Alexa if the canon was any threat whatsoever - and as for comapring it to P2 well all I can say is thats a bit like comparing a rotten apple to a rotten pair - Look at your footage in a cinema and then decide - I use regularly use Red and even this is nowhere near as good as a Panavision with proper lenses - talk sense or go away


goggles posted a comment   

It's very unlikely that a 5D camera would be used for actual production on a big budget film. The resolution limitation is a big factor, as well as the rolling shutter problem inherent in CMOS cameras makes them very challenging to use for VFX heavy projects - they make matchmoving almost impossible for anything but locked off shots.


@jeffdarg posted a comment   

Now just get the firmware update to the rest of us 5D2 users and we will be happy!


@daviddarg posted a comment   

Now just get the firmware update to the rest of us 5D2 users and we will be happy!


@daviddarg posted a comment   

Now just get the firmware update to the rest of us 5D2 users and we will be happy!

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