Run Windows 7 on your Mac

Brian Tong explains how to install Windows 7 on your Apple Mac.

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JonB posted a comment   

Jake, try running it under VirtualBox - works fine, and you avoid the problems you're having now.


CompuGuy posted a comment   

Go into the device manager, right click on the device, click update driver, select from a location on your computer and then select the optical drive.

Now stop blaming Windows because you're a mac noob.


Jake posted a comment   

@ CompuGuy & Decide.

Thank you for your valuable, relevant input. Now, not including all the strange nerds who only say call me a "lamer" because the can hide behind the internet. Is there anyone that can actually help me? :)


Deicide posted a comment   

Jake you are such a lamer. Stay away from computers.


CompuGuy posted a comment   

Jake, you fail. It is not Windows' fault you do not know how to install drivers of a disc.


Jake posted a comment   

When I insert my Snow Leopard disc while booted with Windows 7, no option for installing drivers appears... Please help?
My speakers don't work, my iSight does't work, my illuminated keyboard doesn't work, and multi-touch doesn't work. I brought the Ultimate version, and I'm pretty disappointed. Windows fails again.


Dumbhead posted a comment   

Why...? Too much time?

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