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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Sackboy goes to spaaaaaaaaaaace

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Okay, so maybe it's not quite space, but Sackboy in a spacesuit, in the stratosphere is too cool for words.

Sackboy is a little dude in a big world — so Sony Australia sent him 29 kilometres into the stratosphere sothat he could film just how big the world actually is.

After months of planning, he was launched from South Yalgogrin, North of Wagga Wagga in NSW, for a 2-hour, 15-minute flight. He reached a peak ascent speed of 94.3 kilometres per hour, attached to a high-altitude 9-metre-diameter helium balloon.

You can check out the panorama shots he obtained using four Sony action cameras here, and view the video footage and behind-the-scenes videos below.


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barrett posted a comment   

Gotta laugh the Sackboy certainly does get around.

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