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Poor call quality ruins an otherwise sexy and affordable handset.

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The French, by reputation, are no strangers to beauty. They speak a beautiful language, eat beautiful food and enjoy the company of beautiful French women (Audrey Tautou, anyone?). It comes as no surprise then that French OEM Sagem have produced a beautiful looking mobile phone in the my411x.

Made from a stiff, white plastic, the my411x looks similar to the 3 Skypephone we saw recently. However, unlike the flimsy 3 phone, the my411x feels far more sturdy. For interest, Sagem have added an attractive metallic-aqua coloured strip around the phone's edge which is disturbed only by the charging port at the bottom and three media control keys on the left side.

The keypad is tight-packed but easy to use, and again looks quite nice. On the back of the phone is the lens for the 0.3-megapixel camera. Overall the handset has a pleasing simplicity.

Out of respect for us hard working mobile phone reviewers, Sagem has given us the day off by including very few features to list. There's the aforementioned camera, an MP3 and AAC music player plus a few basic personal organiser type applications and games. For browsing and content downloads the my411x features GPRS data speeds and a WAP browser, and the internal memory can be expanded by adding a Micro SD card.

We know better than to judge a book by its cover. We quickly overlooked the my411x's lightweight features list when we opened the box to discover the cute, well-designed handset. We just as quickly looked past its attractive shape when the phone powered up and we were met with a dull, lifeless display and drab menu structure. Worst still, glare from the fluorescent lights in our office was bright enough to make it very hard to read the screen. Sacre bleu!

To be fair, for AU$99 QQVGA displays are pretty standard, and other poor performing features, like the 0.3-megapixel camera, are to be expected. Really, the only performance features to examine closely are the voice calls and the messaging, and when the call reception started uniformly breaking up during our tests, the writing was on the wall.

Each call we made suffered poor reception to some degree. At its worst we experienced "black spots" of several seconds during one particular call, during others we heard distortion and crackling. Messaging was much better, though, it's been a long time since any manufacturer struggled with messaging. Sagem employs a T9 predictive text system which is very similar to Nokia's system, allowing us to bash out SMS messages without having to re-learn a new process.

Battery life was excellent. Sagem estimate four hours talk time and 240 hours standby. Our experience was in the vicinity of five days between charges with light to moderate usage. Of coarse, this can be credited to there not being a power-hungry operating system or juice-sucking gadgets like fast data or GPS.

We can't overlook the price tag of Sagem's ultra-budget my411x. For AU$99 you can't expect the world or compare it to phones of 10 times its value.

You should, however, expect excellent mobile phone functionality, and without this the my411x doesn't pass the grade. There are plenty of phones in the sub AU$100 category that get the basics right.

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Dannyboy posted a review   

The Good:Looks good
gprs work ok
ok mp3 player
goes loud
most mobilerated games work

The Bad:Very slow
bad reception
cant see the screen when in the sun
buying a memory card make phone even slower
battery life get worse and worse
get lots of scratcher and dints
no head phone jack
ect ect

I have this phone it looks good but it very slow and has a lot of downside


archtk posted a review   

were Can I get the headset and data cable for this mobile in australia


Teener posted a review   

Have it. Hate it. Freezes if I send text message and memory is full. Freezes if I receive a MMS. After restart phone is really slowly for about ten minutes. Silent mode is awful because you have to go through a dozen menus to switch vibrate off, which defeats the purpose. Regularly unlocks itself and calls people.


Breezer posted a review   

The Good:Free Bluetooth headset
Looks stylish
Decent enough music player

The Bad:Nearly everything - see the comments

Awful, both by design and by faults:

The keys unlock when you get a message.

The phone freezes several times a day.

If you have it set to automatic network selection and you go out of coverage, then come back in, it will allow you to make/receive exactly one call or text before it goes into 'Emergency call only' mode, necessitating a restart.

Huge distortion during calls.

The message editor remembers any word you enter into the T9 dictionary as the first preference, before the more commonly used words. It also sometimes simply refuses to let you type certain words. For example I have the name of my friend (let's call her Joan) stored in the dictionary. For whatever reason, I stored the word "Joan's" first time round. I now cannot type "Joan", I have to type "Joan's" and then go back and manually delete the 's.

Lack of any useable message tone (all the ringtones are too long), and when you send your own tone to it you need to make sure it has long period of silence at the end, otherwise it will play the tone over and over again when you get a message.

Vibrate often refuses to turn off.

The alarm often fails to go off. The first time this occurred I had to pay more than twice the cost of the phone to a taxi driver to prevent myself missing a flight.

The alarm can be made go off when the phone is off, however if this is the case it reverts to the default inaudible alarm tone, which has zero chance of waking me up. The result is that I need to keep the phone on and if vibrate is refusing to turn off I can end up getting woken by someone texting at a ridiculous hour.

The Bluetooth headset that comes with the phone is nice - comfortable, decent quality, and stylish (as headsets go). However, no speed dialling and more importantly, no voice dialling render it rather useless. Instead you get an absolutely awful camera.

I could go on but I think you get the idea. While I don't expect flashy features in a budget phone, I'd expect it to be at least as good at making phone calls and sending messages as the Nokia 3510 I bought 5 years ago (which I only gave up on when I dropped it down the toilet and several keys stopped working). I'm going back Nokia after 5 months of hell with this thing.


Dragec posted a review   

I use this phone for several months now and i think it's superb for the basic functions.

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