Sale: 50% off Wii U console and games at Dick Smith

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Dick Smith is selling the Wii U Premium console for AU$214, as well as accessories and games for 50 per cent off. A good deal or more bad news for the Wii U?

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As spotted by Vooks, an Australian Nintendo website, Dick Smith is having a massive sale on Nintendo's Wii U consoles, as well as related games and accessories.

Dick Smith is selling the Wii U Premium Pack for AU$214 — a 50 per cent discount. Availability is very limited, so the offer may not be found in many stores and is not available online.

Games and accessories are listed on the Dick Smith website, including the Wii U Pro Controller for AU$34.99, Super Mario Bros U for AU$34.99, Call of Duty: Black Ops II for Wii for AU$44.98 and Zombi U for AU$24.99.

Nintendo's Wii U has struggled to gain traction as a sequel to the wildly popular Wii. This is a fantastic price for the package, but when a major retailer is clearing house on a platform that launched less than a year ago, it signals that a make or break point may be coming soon for the console. With two new consoles from Microsoft and Sony launching in November, there is little time left for the Wii U to stake its claim to the living room.

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ScottH4 posted a comment   

They're probably trying to get rid of their stock because they're not selling.


No wonder Dick Smith almost went bankrupt a few years ago. They don't do lay-buys on a lot of stuff, they stock games minimally (there's only ever 2 or 3 copies of a said game in the whole store), and their prices are ridiculously high.

They really know how to please customers, eh?

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