Samsung 85-inch Ultra HD TV landing soon

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Samsung is preparing the largest commercial Ultra High Definition TV for the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Not actually the Samsung TV; just the similarly sized LG UHD TV.
(Credit: LG)

It's official: whether you were ready for it or not, the Ultra HD age of entertainment has arrived. Sony, LG and now Samsung all have large-screen UHD offerings in or joining the market, although Samsung has gone a tiny bit farther — 1 inch farther, in fact.

While the Sony and LG TVs are 84 inches, Samsung has squeezed out an additional skerrick of screen real estate to produce an 85-inch screen. Little is known of the TV in terms of specs — or even looks, as no images of the TV have been produced yet — although Samsung has said that it will use:

An innovative enhanced dimming technology and a very high contrast ratio to deliver deep, real blacks and pure whites for greater detail and unmatched picture clarity. This new, cutting-edge TV also offers a powerful and dynamic range of sounds.

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dougaussie posted a comment   

yep, must get one of those next Christmas. [just need to win the lotto first].

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