Samsung ad aims at iPhone, fanboys fire back

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Samsung has wasted no time in responding to Apple's iPhone 5 announcement, with its US marketing team knocking up an ad approaching the debate from the angle Samsung knows best: specifications. Unsurprisingly, Apple has not responded in kind, but loyal iPhone fans have jumped onto Photoshop to return fire.

We've added the blue box to point out what was added to the original lists.
(Credit: Josh Cohen)

Just weeks after Samsung lost big time against Apple in US courts, the Samsung US team is pulling no punches in the battle between the Galaxy S3 and the upcoming iPhone 5. The ad lists the various bits and pieces inside both devices, but shows twice as many features on the Samsung side than it does on the Apple half.

Apple fans have responded in kind, digitally defacing the Samsung poster and filling out the iPhone's specs sheet with comparable features left off by Samsung or by calling out Samsung's specs as being unnecessary.

Some of the criticisms are spot on. Where Samsung lists its Direct Call feature, the unofficial Apple respondent writes "Press Call", and next to "Shake to Update", they write "Hit Refresh". But some of the differences in the core specifications are more difficult to argue with. Apple's 225-hour battery standby estimate is far outweighed by Samsung's 790-hour estimate and, for some, Samsung's much larger 4.8-inch screen is a big winner.

This does raise an interesting question about what attracts smartphone buyers. Whether a list of Samsung specs can turn the minds of smartphone shoppers who have been lured by Apple's promise of revolution and magic? There is something unpleasant about Samsung's "It doesn't take a genius" tagline, but at least it makes more sense than Apple's "The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since the iPhone". Seriously, what does that even mean?

What do you think? Does Samsung's list prove that the Galaxy S3 is far better value for money than an iPhone? Or is it more complex than this list describes?

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KevinT1 posted a comment   

removing the battery is a good feature. If you ever need to change the battery you can do that yourself.


RedBeemer posted a comment   

If you are stuck on which phone to buy, than simply look around and count how many service counters you see with the words, 'Iphone repairs'. And then wonder why. How many Samsung repair signs have you see.
Very simply isn't it. I have a Iphone 4, have mic probs, have home button probs, and poor camera.
My next phone will be a Samsung Galaxy, a simply decision.


CraigM4 posted a comment   

Yea it's all really personal choice for most people, but you can't deny the fact that there is alot more seamless integration between the hardware the software which make for a better expirience most of the time and for some android products you don't get that yea apple might not have the latest hardware and quad core chips but they still seem to pull of the same speeds as most if not all the other high end device like the s3 cas of how the software runs with the hardware, and thats something you can ignore.. I think android is good, alittle bit messy for me at times cas I comeFrom IOS and iPhone but still good if you like it, it's all about personal choice in the end!!


DavidM15 posted a comment   

no one can argue that iPhones work great for technically challenged people who just want to make calls, facebook and check email. Apple's problem is they try to please everybody by throwing in hardware and software upgrades each year and use big tech words like dual core, resolution, ppi etc just to keep the nerds happy. But then because they are still trying to please the masses and not make it too complicated they limit how much they do so the nerds get upset it's not as tech advanced as they would like it but then they still go and buy it anyway and justify their claims as it being the greatest phone because of the number sold and ignore it's obvious flaws by justifying it just works.. btw I guess it's ok if you find iOS more pleasing to the eye I just can't stand things like the drop down notifications, some plain grey colour and white text? Menus which are plain text only and lacking icons and colour. And pop up messages in blue bubbles and plain white arial text. Too simple for me but that's just my opinion.


MichaelK3 posted a comment   

I had a 3gs and hated it then i got a galaxy s when they first cam out and guess what? I went back to apple. So what if there's no card slot. That doesn't worry me, either does the non removable battery( less parts to fall off or for the kids to take off and lose). The thing with apple's products is that the hardware and software are made to compliment each other. Android is generic then each company puts their own interface on and that's where the damage is done. Apple all the way


Derek Beaver Creek posted a comment   

The lack of a replaceable battery feature in the iPhone is a deal-breaker for me. I own an iMac desktop, so i'm an Apple fan, but power loss when I am away from home outweighs the rest.


KeithS1 posted a comment   

I'll go with Samsung, regardless.


CraigM4 posted a comment   

May i point out how many people actually care about those features anyways? not everyone in this world is a tech geek, who downloads torrents and who uses widgets and i would have thought ios was more pleasing to the eye? My girlfriend has a samsung galaxy s and she is still stuck on android 2.1which is so convoluted and messy and cant upgrade! iPhone and iOS appeals to the masses cas its a much easier to use and understand operating system, it doesnt take a genius to pick and use it! my mum is in her late 50's computer illiterate but can pick up my ipad and start loading Facebook, and her fav game..
id agree the samsung galaxy s 3 is a great phone my boss has one like its fast it looks good, but i cant stand the cluttered android os, yes im used to ios cas of my iphone but its just way easier to use and for most people thats what it boils down to not how many features it has or how big the screen is aslong but if it has a good music player, has fb, makes phone calls, takes good photos and its easy to use.. its all those things!!


DavidM15 posted a comment   

Swype, transfer / retrieve files over standard USB cable from/to any PC. Dynamic share feature with any installed app, a more pleasing to the eye OS not just candy stripe colours and blue bubbles, a back button, ability to download torrents, ability to stream content from LAN, ability to customise, a menu button for quick access in apps, maps integrated with latitude, pattern locking, widgets, able to customise lock screen to see widgets, missed calls, emails, respond to SMS, able to install 3rd party music and video players, attach files in app directly from dropbox, better youtube app, better gmail app, status bar shows notifications if missed, apps for tablet/phone only need to be purchased once, ability to have only one or up to 7 homescreens with less used apps in an app drawer, these are the only things I can think off the top of my head but I am not biased I think iPhone is a great music solution because of accessories available which dock with the iPhone something the Samsung lacks which is why I keep the 3gs for music. I realise most things are relevant to Android OS not just Samsung. Yes Apple has fantastic hardware but having a plastic phone reduces weight but saves on less chance of damaging a glass backed surface or scratching a metal surface. Sorry but Galaxy and Android still wins and I still have an S2 and it still trumps the iPhone 5 (which is the 6th generation iPhone running iOS6 work that one out!) Please don't argue App availability on the iPhone because they are nearly on par and Android is a younger eco system. Don't even bother getting into an argument about Android tablets vs iPads especially Transformer Infinity vs Ipad. Sorry peeps my wallet votes on features not on over hyped marketing infomercials and cult like selling behaviour. And I don't waste time trying to convert people I am simply pointing out known facts over each choice. If you still choose iPhone it's your choice but I still respect for you. Goodnight!


SampsK posted a comment   

As a friend once put it to his sister-in-law "Samsung is better, but it might be a bit hard for you, go with the iPhone." She went with the iPhone.

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