Samsung and Apple make up two thirds of smartphone market

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New research data from the NPD Group shows that Samsung and Apple have a stranglehold on the US smartphone market, making up 68 percent of all phone sales.

(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

Apple alone accounted for 42 percent of the market in Q4 2013, up from 35 percent last year. Samsung, meanwhile, had slightly slower growth, up from 22 percent to 26 in the same period.

More importantly, these were the only two companies NPD showed as experiencing significant growth, with all competitors apart from LG losing market share. Most significant was, unsurprisingly, BlackBerry which lost nearly two thirds of its market.

(Credit: The NPD Group/Connected Intelligence Connected Home Report)

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Chandler posted a comment   

"More importantly, these were the only two companies NPD show as growing, with competitors losing market share."

Dunno if I'm misinterpreting the graph here, but LG increased market share from Q4 '12 to Q1 '13...


DamienC1 posted a reply   

Reread old mate. They stated 'significant growth. Where as every other competitor except LG lost market share. LG grew, but not significantly.

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