Samsung boldly claims 5 million Galaxy Notes sold

Just five months after its launch, Samsung says it sold 5 million Galaxy Note units globally.

(Credit: Samsung)

A uniquely large mobile device boasting a massive 5.3-inch screen and stylus had many doubting whether the Samsung Galaxy Note would prove a hit with customers. Samsung, though, says it has, citing that it moved 5 million units out the door.

The company also claimed on its official Korean website that domestic sales achieved 67 per cent of the mobile phone market. Samsung touted that the Galaxy Note was "ranked No. 1" in the Chinese, French and Spanish markets, too.

By comparison, Samsung's Galaxy S II handset has sold over 20 million units since its launch nine months ago. Apple is believed to have sold 4 million iPhone 4S smartphones in the first weekend after its debut, and 3 million iPads recently in the first three days after the tablet went on sale.


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BrianC5 posted a comment   

I hope the 4G version would come to Telstra.


Will1505 posted a comment   

I am surprised, samsung really did do good market research with this one. I think we all thought the Note was a bit odd when it came out. Samsung has done a really good job here.

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