Samsung claims LG stole OLED technology

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Samsung has filed an injunction against LG at Seoul Central District Court over alleged tech leaks.

Samsung's OLED TV as seen at this year's CES.
(Credit: CNET)

Korean news service Yonhap News Agency is reporting that Samsung has filed legal documents with Seoul Central District Court regarding 18 "confidential technologies" concerning its OLED screens, along with 21 "other relevant details", and is seeking compensation from LG over the leak.

The company is reportedly asking for LG to pay a billion won, or around AUS$862,000, for each time it has used Samsung's technologies or made the information public to a third party.

The lawsuit follows on from the news in July that 11 people — including researchers from Samsung Mobile — had been arrested for leaking display technology to LG.

Given that both companies are set to launch OLED TVs in to the market this year (including promises of Australian availability of OLED televisions before Christmas), we'll be watching this story with great interest.

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JosephG1 posted a comment   


JesseK1 Looks like your the retard, do your homework before you comment you look very stupid, LG used samsungs patents and got caught its a no brainer, ooops JesseK1 thats right you have no brain to think with...


JesseK1 posted a comment   

What the HELL is the matter with the retards? You know...I was going to switch from Sony to Samsung when it comes to televisions but I think I'll just stay with Sony. They don't deserve my money. They are the world's largest electronic corporation and they think that gives them right to accuse any other company of stealing or ripping off! Unbelievable!


Dunners posted a reply   

Samsung is the major innovator of OLED technology, they have been making them and imporving them for years.

Why should LG be able to directly copy Samsungs work without developing any of it themselves..?


ZoranZ1 posted a comment   

Haha troll who?

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