Samsung Experience store 'opening soon' on George St, Sydney

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Samsung is close to launching its first Australian Samsung Experience store in Sydney, with "coming soon" signs now up on the windows of the George Street premises. The store is in a prime location beside Myer, near the Queen Victoria Building, and is just 200 metres from Apple's flagship Sydney store.

Outside the "opening soon" Samsung Experience store
(Credit: CNET)

The premises was formerly a FCUK clothing outlet, positioned directly next to the main entry to Sydney's biggest Myer department store. The previous store layout had a very shallow room, but lots of street window exposure, which gives it a lot of potential for product display.

The proximity to Apple Store George Street, less than 200 metres away across the street on the same block, is going to make for an interesting comparison. But retail is all about location, and the block between King Street and Market Street is as prime as it comes in Sydney.

Samsung Experience stores have opened in a number of Asian locations and in North America.

Samsung here. Apple there.
(Credit: CNET)

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JonathanO posted a comment   

At first I also jumped on the "copying Apple bandwagon", but then realised that the reason that both Apple and Samsung have their stores in very similar locations with similar layouts is because they are both very large similar companies with similar products and similar goals - to have a flagship store in the centre of the city's CBD. For such an expensive rent, every retail company in the CBD spends money on modernising its look, It is far less ostentatious that the Apple store, and no more flashy than any other new flagship store such as AusPost's 44 Market St Flagship store.

As for its layout, it is no different than Optus' Vodafone's, Auspost's, MBF/Bupa, NRMA, most CBD-banks, all which have large open spaces with their products on display around the edges and on centre-tables with "friendly" type counters.

To say Samsung "copied" Apple is as idiotic as saying when Hungry Jacks opened adjacent to McDonalds on the Wynyard ramp they copied both their location and design. No, they just have the same location and design because they are both targeting the same foot traffic with the same type of products.


djet2011 posted a comment   

I thought it was an Apple store-(blue shirts, Store layout & how it is presented) Cmon Samsung have you not learnt your lesson yet. I give you zero for originality.


hampto09 posted a comment   



ehermo posted a comment   

Is anybody else sick of Apple like me?


Will1505 posted a comment   

The great thing about a store is, there are quite a lot of samsung phones that no one knows about. It really gives the customer come choice with what they want to by and get a phone more suited to them.


aznfratboy posted a comment   

Come to Melbourne, open up a shop near where I live, and then give me a job there!


DefconOne posted a comment   

I'm sure Apple have patented having a roof on the store, and glass on the frontage so customers can see inside. OMG if Samsungs stores have roofs and glass they are so infringing on Apples amazingly brilliant and inventive ideas.


ehermo posted a reply   

Love this post!!


CSerruto posted a comment   

Come to Melbourne! I've been waiting for a Samsung store for ages!

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